CLOGGING – A healthy low impact aerobic workout combined with beginning/intermediate clogging routines.  Some type of dance background is helpful but not necessary.  Tap/clogging shoes make the class fun, but are not required. 

COLD WAR IN LATIN AMERICA - This course will look at various events/people that focus on Cold War conflicts in Latin America.  American involvement/intervention in the region will also be covered.

CONSTITUTION AND THE SUPREME COURT – The class will review recent decisions of the Supreme Court, upcoming cases and the practical application of constitutional law.  Issues are selected by students.

CURRENT TOPICS IN LAW ENFORCEMENT – Discussion based course regarding law enforcement topics. 

THE CONQUERORS - This course explores world conquerors and empires throughout history.  We will study men of conquest and vision and the empires they helped to forge.

Session 1 & 2: Normans, Saxons, Goths, and the shadow warriors within the forbidden forests of the “Land of the Spear” – Germany. 

The Holy Roman Empire to the East and the growing threat of the conquering Sea Wolves, better known as the Vikings as they lay siege to Europe, Russia, and battle for supreme dominance of their Norse homelands.  The end of the Viking and the dawn of the Normans.

Conquerors – Charlemagne, Rollo, Godfred, Erik the Red, Ivar the Boneless, Ingvar of Kiev, Ragnar Lothbrok, Rurik the Rus, Harold Hardrada, William of Orange/the Conqueror.

Session 3: The Mongols, The Tsars of Russia, The Scottish Highlanders, and the Dawn of Napoleonic France.

Conquerors – Genghis Khan, Ivan the Great/Terrible, Catherine the Great, Peter the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte.

GREAT MOVIE SOUNDTRACKS - Steven Spielberg once stated, “If I weren’t a director, I would want to be a film composer.”   This course explores the fascinating world of movie music and its contribution to award-winning cinema. Film composers will include Alex North (“A Streetcar Named Desire,” “Spartacus”), Maurice Jarre (“Lawrence of Arabia,” “Dr. Zhivago”), Henry Mancini (“The Pink Panther”) Jerry Goldsmith (“Planet of the Apes,” “Patton”), and John Williams (“Star Wars,” many “Harry Potter” films), Contemporary artists will include James Horner (“Field of Dreams,” “Avatar”) Howard Shore (“Lord of the Rings”), Hans Zimmer (“Interstellar,” “The Lion King”), Thomas Newman (“Bridge of Spies,” “Saving Mr. Banks”), and many others.  Many composers are credited with dozens, sometimes hundreds of scores for films and television.  Excerpts from over 30 films and documentaries will be studied during the 3 sessions.       

LET’S DANCE - A low-impact choreographed cardio dance class geared for those over 40.  The music is from various genres with easy-to-follow moves.  Tennis shoes and water needed.

POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY – Students choose the countries that they would like to study and learn about the culture, history, geography and politics.


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