Fitness Courses

Group fitness is a great way to get your exercise routine started. Group Fitness offers a variety of training techniques, environments, and challenging workouts. You don’t have to be a professional dancer or a kick boxing expert; it’s all about getting your heart rate up and having a good time.

There are many benefits to group fitness, from building cardio endurance to improving muscle tone and flexibility:

1. Proper Instruction

Knowing the correct technique of any workout prevents injuries and will maximize your results. Instead of being intimidated to use particular equipment, a group class will teach you the proper way to use the equipment.

2. Motivation

Going to a class with a friend or exercising beside a stranger is a great way to boost your ego. Being able to keep up with the class is great motivation for pushing personal boundaries and achieving goals, especially when the instructor is saying “just 5 more!” You are able to push yourself a little more to finish out the set with the rest of the class!

3. Make New Friends

In a group fitness setting you have the opportunity to meet new people, and make new friends. You get to meet people that you wouldn’t normally meet unless you were taking a class.

4. Routine, Routine, Routine

Scheduled classes are great for people that like to stick to a routine. If you know you only have one hour at the gym you can schedule your time according to the class you want to take and still get a full body workout.

5. Get a Full Body Workout

In most classes you work a variety of muscles throughout the class. You are more likely to complete a full body workout and challenge yourself if you are in a group setting.

 6. Push Yourself Further

When you are in a group setting you are more likely to push yourself and work harder.

7. It’s Fun!

Working out in a group fitness setting is fun and takes you mind off of the work. Most classes have energetic music to keep you pumped up and get you going.

So, whether you have a lot of experience with workouts and fitness, or if you are just getting started, you should consider taking group fitness class. The benefits of working out in a group setting are incredible, and can make you more fit than you ever thought possible!

CourseID Title Date Day(s) Time
9362134Q Fitness Hula Hoop  06/05/14 Thu 5:30 pm
9355133Q Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Class  05/20/14 Tue,Thu 10:00 am
9356134Q Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Class  07/08/14 Tue,Thu 10:00 am
9353133Q Shallow Water Aerobics  05/20/14 Tue,Thu 8:30 am
9354134Q Shallow Water Aerobics  07/08/14 Tue,Thu 8:30 am
9359133Q Tai Chi  05/19/14 Mon,Wed 12:00 pm
9360134Q Tai Chi  07/07/14 Mon,Wed 12:00 pm
9351133Q Zumba Gold  05/20/14 Tue,Thu 8:30 am
9352134Q Zumba Gold  07/08/14 Tue,Thu 8:30 am
9534134Q Aikido  07/14/14 Mon,Thu 7:00 pm
9361134Q Yoga  06/02/14 Mon,Thu 7:00 pm
9375133Q Yoga  05/20/14 Tue,Thu 9:30 am
9358134Q Yoga  07/08/14 Tue,Thu 9:30 am

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