Massage Therapy Internship

Health Sciences Continuing Education is hosting the annual Massage Therapy Internship for qualified students over the course of 3 weekends (Friday, Saturday & Sunday). This supervised internship is required by state and national code for students who have completed their formal training (hundreds of hours of hands-on therapeutic massage), and are ready to become licensed Massage Therapists.
We thank you for your contribution by volunteering your time for this program. It is critical that we have people like you who are willing to participate in order for our students to complete their education! What you can expect in return is a great massage from a skilled therapist who has your best interest in mind. You will benefit from a 1 hour full-body massage which in turn benefits your therapist by giving them documented and completed appointments in their internship.
After you have experienced your massage, you will be asked to spend a few minutes to fill out and turn in a short questionnaire that gives us critical feedback about your experience, as well as documentation for the student’s records. This may well be one of the most important aspects of the internship for the student.
To volunteer, all you need to do is schedule from any available 2 hour time slot within this web site.  You can choose any time slot or therapist you wish. Please keep in mind how important it is to make it to your appointment on time. We only have one opportunity to host this internship and complete all 33 of the appointments required for each student. After you have chosen an appointment a confirmation will be sent to your email address. You will need to select the link in this email to confirm your appointment. An appointment reminder will be emailed to you the day before your visit. If for any reason you cannot keep your appointment, please call 681-6305 as soon as possible. We sincerely appreciate this communication.
Your appointment will be in the F. Marie Hall Simlife Center on campus at Midland College giving you peace of mind that everything is safe, secure and in a clean environment. There is limited waiting area in the facility. For safety reasons, children are not allowed under any circumstances in the medical building.
Tips go into a collective “tip jar” and are used to benefit this program and its students. By no means are tips expected for any reason.