Engineering (Operations/Technical) Courses

CourseID Title Date Day(s) Time
G004171Q Oilfield Terminology / Instructor Tommy Lent, Jr.  09/12/17 Tue,Wed 8:30 am
G009171Q Introduction to Well Completion Design / Instructor Gary Batcheller  09/21/17 Thu,Fri 8:00 am
G103164Q Basic Drilling for Non-Drilling Engineers / Instructor Tommy Lent, Jr.  07/11/17 Tue,Wed 8:30 am
G145164Q CO2 and ROZ School / Instructor L. Stephen Melzer  08/08/17 Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri 8:00 am
G147164Q CO2 and ROZ School Day 3 - Instructor L. Stephen Melzer  08/10/17 Thu 8:00 am
G149164Q CO2 and ROZ School Day 4 - Instructor L. Stephen Melzer  08/11/17 Fri 8:00 am
G024171Q Optimizing Oilfield Systems Using Spreadsheet Models/ Instructor Dr. L. Peter Galusky, Jr.  10/13/17 Fri 8:00 am
G153164Q Well Control Drilling/Workover (WellSharp) / Instructor Larry Chapman  08/07/17 Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri 8:00 am
G010171Q Well Control Drilling/Workover (WellSharp) / Instructor Larry Chapman  10/09/17 Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri 8:00 am
G011172Q Well Control Drilling/Workover (WellSharp) / Instructor Larry Chapman  12/04/17 Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri 8:00 am
G182164Q Fundamentals of Directional Drilling/ Instructor Mark Bland  07/18/17 Tue,Wed,Thu 8:30 am
G017171Q Polymer Gels for Conformance-Improvement/ Instructor Randy Seright  10/23/17 Mon 8:00 am
G023171Q Sucker Rod Pumps: From the Basics to Troubleshooting Sand and Gas Interference/ Instructor Rodney Sands  09/07/17 Thu 8:30 am
G183164Q Managing Sucker Rod Lift Well Failures / Instructor Albert Garza  07/18/17 Tue 8:30 am
G184164Q Basic Oilfield Operations Training / Instructor Albert Garza  07/26/17 Wed,Thu 8:00 am
G185164Q Continuous Gas Lift/ Instructor Juan Alvarez  08/14/17 Mon,Tue,Wed 8:30 am
G020173Q Waterflooding: Performance Predictions and Surveillance / Instructor: Dr. Michael Wiggins  04/23/18 Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri 8:00 am
G194164Q 2017 Symposium - Optimizing the Unconventional / Early Registration  07/13/17 Thu 7:30 am
G196164Q 2017 Symposium - Optimizing the Unconventional - Speaker & Speaker Guest Registration Only  07/13/17 Thu 7:30 am

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