Microsoft Access 2010: Intermediate

This instructor-led training course builds on the skills and concepts taught in Access 2010: Basic. Course will include: how to normalize data, manage table relationships, and enforce referential integrity; work with Lookup fields and subdatasheets; create join queries, calculated fields, and summary values; add objects to forms and create advanced form types; print reports and labels; create and modify charts; and use PivotTables and PivotCharts.

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  • Unit 1: Relational databases
    • Topic A: Database normalization
    • Topic B: Table relationships
    • Topic C: Referential integrity


  • Unit 2: Related tables
    • Topic A: Creating lookup fields
    • Topic B: Modifying lookup fields
    • Topic C: Subdatasheets


  • Unit 3: Complex queries
    • Topic A: Joining tables in queries
    • Topic B: Using calculated fields
    • Topic C: Summarizing and grouping values


  • Unit 4: Advanced form design
    • Topic A: Adding unbound controls
    • Topic B: Graphics
    • Topic C: Adding calculated values
    • Topic D: Adding combo boxes
    • Topic E: Advanced form types


  • Unit 5: Reports and printing
    • Topic A: Customized headers and footers
    • Topic B: Calculated values
    • Topic C: Printing
    • Topic D: Labels


  • Unit 6: Charts
    • Topic A: Charts in forms
    • Topic B: Charts in reports


  • Unit 7: PivotTables and PivotCharts
    • Topic A: PivotTables
    • Topic B: Modifying PivotTables
    • Topic C: PivotCharts
    • Topic D: PivotTable forms



Instructor: Katrieva Munroe
XA05123Q Mar 4 - 7 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Mon,Tue,Thu  $149.00
($154.00 out-of-state)
8.0 Hours

Course Canceled!