Microsoft Access 2010: Comprehensive

This instructor-led training course covers the basic and intermediate functions and features of Access 2010. After an introduction to database concepts and the Access environment and Help systems, the course will cover subjects such as how to design and create databases. Topics include: tables, fields, and records; sort and filter data; and set field properties and data entry rules. In addition, the course covers how to create queries, forms, and reports.



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  • Unit 1: Getting started
    • Topic A: Database concepts
    • Topic B: Exploring the Access environment
    • Topic C: Getting help
  • Unit 2: Databases and tables
    • Topic A: Planning and designing databases
    • Topic B: Exploring tables
    • Topic C: Creating tables
  •  Unit 3: Fields and records
    • Topic A: Changing the design of a table
    • Topic B: Finding and editing records
    • Topic C: Organizing records
  •  Unit 4: Data entry rules
    • Topic A: Setting field properties
    • Topic B: Working with input masks
    • Topic C: Setting validation rules
  •  Unit 5: Basic queries
    • Topic A: Creating and using queries
    • Topic B: Modifying query results and queries
    • Topic C: Performing operations in queries
  •  Unit 6: Using forms
    • Topic A: Creating forms
    • Topic B: Using Design view
    • Topic C: Sorting and filtering records
  •  Unit 7: Working with reports
    • Topic A: Creating reports
    • Topic B: Modifying and printing reports


XA01131Q Nov 5 - 21 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Tue,Thu  $169.00
($174.00 out-of-state)
16.0 Hours

Course Canceled!