Microsoft Excel 2010: Advanced

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This instructor-led training builds on the skills and concepts taught in Excel 2010: Intermediate. Students will work with advanced formulas, as well as lookup functions such as VLOOKUP, MATCH, and INDEX. In addition, course will cover data validation and database functions such as DSUM. Will show how to import and export data, and how to query external databases. You will also be taught about the analytical features of Excel (such as Goal Seek and Solver), running and recording macros, SmartArt graphics, and conditional formatting with graphics. 

Instructor: Vishal Reddy


  • Unit 1: Logical and statistical functions
    • Topic A: Logical functions
    • Topic B: Math and statistical functions
  • Unit 2: Financial and date functions
    • Topic A: Financial functions
    • Topic B: Date and time functions
    • Topic C: Array formulas
    • Topic D: Displaying and printing formulas
  • Unit 3: Lookups and data tables
    • Topic A: Using lookup functions 
    • Topic B: Using MATCH and INDEX
    • Topic C: Creating data tables
  • Unit 4: Advanced data management
    • Topic A: Validating cell entries
    • Topic B: Exploring database functions
  • Unit 5: Exporting and importing
    • Topic A: Exporting and importing text files
    • Topic B: Exporting and importing XML data
    • Topic C: Getting external data
  • Unit 6: Analytical tools
    • Topic A: Goal Seek and Solver
    • Topic B: The Analysis ToolPak
    • Topic C: Scenarios
  • Unit 7: Macros and custom functions
    • Topic A: Running and recording a macro
    • Topic B: Working with VBA code
    • Topic C: Creating functions


XE04132Q Dec 10 - 12 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Tue,Thu  $149.00
($154.00 out-of-state)
8.0 Hours

Course Canceled!