Introduction to Microsoft Windows

This  course teaches the core features and functions of Windows 7. Course includes: how to use the Start menu and taskbar; move and resize windows; create and manage files, folders, and libraries; edit file metadata; and search for content on their computers. The course covers subjects such as how to create shortcuts, use gadgets, and change system settings.

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  • Unit 1: The Windows 7 environment
    • Topic A: The Windows 7 desktop
    • Topic B: The taskbar
    • Topic C: Window management
    • Topic D: Windows Help and Support
  • Unit 2: Files, folders, and libraries
    • Topic A: Folders and libraries
    • Topic B: Working with files
  • Unit 3: Managing content

Topic A: Working with Windows Explorer

Topic B: Searching for content


Unit 4: Customizing the environment

Topic A: Icons and shortcuts

Topic B: Gadgets

Topic C: System settings


Unit 5: Internet Explorer 8

Topic A: Web browsing

Topic B: Tabbed browsing

Topic B: Web searching

Topic B: Customization

Topic C: Multimedia content


Instructor: Katrieva Jones Munroe
XW05133Q Apr 28 - May 6 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Mon,Tue  $149.00
($154.00 out-of-state)
8.0 Hours

Course Canceled!